Hey everyone,

I’m currently in the studio working on some new tracks, just got from Bible study at The King’s Healing Room in Syracuse, NY (@TheKingsView). I recently just setup an email specifically for prayer requests; so if your in need of prayer or encouragement send me an email to: Prayer@Ladonnacomer.com. I finished up linking, adding and sync most of the social sites I’m currently on.  Below is the list of all the sites; I hope you join & support me by adding me as a friend, subscribing, Liking the page, etc. It would be greatly appreciated with your support. Hope everyone have a bless evening!

God Bless,



***FREE BEAT/INSTRUMENTAL DOWNLOADS IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR NON-PROFIT USE (for profit use purchase a lease or exclusive rights) in the BEAT SECTION (http://ladonnacomer.com/BEATS)

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