Hey everyone,

I’m working on some new beats/instrumentals, songs, etc.

I’m not feeling the snow here in Syracuse, New York. I should be use to it, but I’m not.
anyways, no need to complain! i have a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes on my back. I’m blessed! I just thank God everyday for His outstanding work in me and in my life. I still have growing to do but I’m down for the ride. God has a ministry, I’m just the open vestal that is ready & willing to let Him use me. Father I say YES to your pleasing and perfect will.

Well that’s all for now, off to do prayer and worship. If you have a prayer request send it to me, I’m more than willing to intercede on your behalf: prayer@ladonnacomer.com.

P.S be sure to stay connected with me through the social networks I’m on. You haven’t seen nothing yet!! God is Good, Faith In Action, and I’m Blessed!!

Peace and Blessing to you all,


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