12/23/10 – Music update (collaborations, productions, instrumentals, etc)

Hey everyone,

Another update for ya. Ive been in the studio working on some new beats, instrumentals, productions and song writing. Ive updated my navigation pages at the top, right under the banner. Checkout the “BEATS” page for FREE instrumental/beat downloads, more information on how to purchase lease/exclusive rights & or custom made beats from me. I added a new payment plan for those who would like to purchase exclusive rights from me but would like a payment plan; its called BEAT LAYAWAY.

Beat Layaway (25%-50%) of Exclusive price.
Holds the exclusive rights of the beat from being purchased for a certain amount of time until remaining amount has been paid. This Does prevent anyone from purchasing leasing rights of the beat. Below is the length of time given once a beat is put on layaway, after this time span you will have to fully purchase exclusive rights otherwise the exclusives will go up for sale again.

**Absolutely NO REFUNDS when using this option and the full payment is not met before deadline. (Because I lock the beat down from being leased I lose money if you don’t pay)

25% of the exclusive amount- 2 month (payment plan is optional).
50% of the exclusive amount- 3 months (payment plan is optional).

If you are interested in our Beat Layaway program (send an email to  to setup a payment schedule), questions about the agreements and or other questions please feel free to contact me: lsmc315@gmail.com or Sales@ladonnacomer.com.

I’m also looking for different producers to work with for beat collaborations and different type of artists to collaborate with to record my hooks for my beats (Spanish artists welcome!). If your interested in working with me, send me an email to lsmc315@gmail.com title COLLABORATION. Please include email address, phone number, type of music and url links to your music pages.

Also looking to buying new drum kits, loops, samples, VSTs, Effects & new studio equipment. Its always good when you can upgrade.

If you have question, inquiries, supportive information, etc. checkout the “Contact” page for the best ways to stay in touch with me.  Please take a moment to like, send a friend request, follow & or subscribe to the social network pages I’m on. Your prayers, support, and love is greatly appreciated.

****Coming soon new instrumentals/beats, songs, productions, video and blogs! Please stay tune. You aint seen nothing yet!


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Be blessed,



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