2/6/2011 – New beats & News updates!


Hey everyone,

Hope your having a bless day! I’m currently in the studio right now working on some new beats. Below is 3 new beats available for FREE DOWNLOAD (Please see FREE DOWNLOAD Terms before use). When using any beats Produced/Co-Produced by LaDonna Comer be sure to send me the track(s) (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY) Please READ TERMS BEFORE SENDING THEM (SUMBIT@ladonnacomer.com).

*New mixtape series coming soon, submit your track(s) now. Must be Produced/Co-Produced by LaDonna Comer

Never Give Up 2.0 (100bpm) (3:06)

Snap Back (130bpm) (3:17)

Weapons of War (90bpm) (3:17)

Stay in the Race(75bpm) (4:06)

Determined to Win(72bpm) (4:17)

Relentless(72bpm) (4:28)

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