#NoFreeBeats #NoFreeDLs Movement – DEMO DOWNLOADS IN AFFECT!

The “DEMO Download” plan is in affect for my Soundclick production catalog.  Too many people have been abusing soundclick just because producers offer free downloads. When you go to sites like youtube, WSHH and see people getting professionally produced videos made over tagged beats its kind of a disrespect to the producer. Think about it, most leasing rights cost you about the same as a 1-4 $5 pizza’s from little Caesars. How can you justify spending hundreds of dollars on a video, and not give the producer a small payment of $25 for their time and hardwork? It’s disrespectful to say the least. Now a large number of producers on soundclick are starting to charge a small download fee for Non-Profit and Promotional Rights. LaDonnaComer.com is on the #NoFreeDLs movement. BUT I still give out FREE DLs to all the fans/supporters through our Mailing List. Some people might misunderstand the NO FREE DOWNLOAD MOVEMENT, it’s not about the money, it’s the principal. Its to keep the beats more exclusive and avoid 100,000+ of free downloads and tracks all over the internet. It gives it more sense and value in leasing beats.

If you are interested in buying Non-Profit and Promotional rights to any beat in my catalog for $0.50 – $1.99 please visit the Official LaDonna Comer Soundclick Page. *This includes shows and performances where no tickets have been sold.  “Free Downloads/Demo Downloads are for Non-Profit and Promotional Use Only” tagline.

*P.S – Thank you ALL for your support. Whether you buy Demo Downloads, leases, exclusives rights and or spreading my music..I APPRECIATE YOU ALL! God bless!

Thank you,

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