Rapzilla2 Network allows advertisers to integrate their message within multiple mediums available to hit print, audio, visual, and integrated new media advertisements. We have both static and rotating options for advertisers wishing to reach a variety of demographics. We offer Premium advertisement, social networking promotion, marketing campaign, partnership and or sponsorship. For any services above please email or use contact form below (All inquires must be pre-approve).

Ad Opportunities
-High Impact Display Ads (Expandables, Rich Media, Takeovers, Roadblocks, Interstitials, Interactive Custom Units)
-Compelling Sponsorships
-Brand Partnerships via Custom Features
-Blog Endorsements
-Interactive Events, Microsites and Promotions
-Mobile- SMS, Apps, Promotions
-Email Marketing- Newsletters, Blasts, Alerts
-Video: Branded Content, Pre-Rolls, Live Sessions
-Social Media Promotions and Applications
-Custom Programs That Incorporate Cutting Edge Interactive Solutions
-Offline Events and Opportunities (Experiential Marketing)

Upon Approval and receipt of your payment you will be automatically emailed instructions on how to submit your ads design and begin your campaign.

Website Advertising
– 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600, 300×100 (1 month)
– Custom Executions
– Site takeovers and skins (1 week)
– Masthead integrations
– Photo Gallery sponsorships
– Category sponsorships
– Custom executions based on your campaign’s parameters

Promotional Campaign
-Facebook & Twitter Blast
-Newsletter Ad space

Artist Campaign
-Facebook & Twitter Blast
-email blast
-artist spotlight (ad)
-VIP artist package
-Artist sponsor ad space

Mixtape Sponsorship
Our mixtapes offer a unique chance for advertisers to connect with consumers through an alternative source via various mediums, including visual, print, online, and audio. Every mixtape generates impressions for the artists and advertisers involved across websites and blogs. Our mixtape sponsorships include logo placement for your brand on the front and back of the mixtape, a :15 audio advertisement within the mixtape itself, email servicing with sponsor mentions, sponsorship mention and link on the website as well as a report to sum up all of the promotions provided.

(Each includes: Front/Back Logo, :15 commercial, 125×125 Ad, Hyperlink on site)
– 1 Mixtape Sponsorship
– 2 Mixtape Sponsorships
– 3 Mixtape Sponsorships
– 4 Mixtape Sponsorships

Video Opportunities
– Pre- and post-roll
– Homepage Video Playlist sponsorship
– Video Insertion and Video Adverting posts

* Rich media featuring video on iPhone
– Takeovers featuring large display ads and mobile skins
– Sponsored content and photo galleries
– Branded Microsites
– Geo-targeted ads

Radio Ads (Coming Soon)
Coming soon will be a new venture by to provide exposure for the DJs, producers as well as the artists within our network. The station will be syndicated through iTunes as well as Live365 and multiple other outlets and is a professional station licensed through ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and more. Sponsors can purchase Pre-Roll advertisements, launched everytime a stream is opened, or traditional :30 radio slots. Please feel free to Contact Us for custom sponsorships or LIVE event broadcasts.

Ad Package:
– 100 Commercial Spots (100 plays :30 Audio Advertisements)
– 1000 Commercial Spots (1000 plays :30 Audio Advertisements)
– :10 Pre-Roll Sponsorship

Mobile Opportunities (Coming Soon)

Approve formats
– Standard Text
– standard static web banner (.gif, .jpg, .png) No animation, single frame graphic
– standard animated web banner (.gif) displays static frame one after another simulating animation
– standard flash web banner (.swf, .fla) true banner animation, movie quality result

God Bless!!

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