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Artists Showcase Mixtape Series
A new Artist Showcase mixtape Series will be starting soon, it is open to all artists around the world. The mixtape is a compilation of songs recorded to Instrumentals produced/Co Produced by LaDonna Comer consisting up to 30 songs per release. The series is a promotional-use Compilation Album; new compilations will be released up to 6-12 times per year. No purchase is necessary to enter. It will be available as a free download via Datpiff (Sponsorship) and other music/mixtape sites . READ MORE TO SUBMIT FOR MIXTAPE

Featured Artists
If you are a customer of and would like to submit a completed track. Please send the completed song (mp3 format, clean/radio edit version), professional picture of yourself (taller than it is wide) & or Logo, and full track details (artist name, track name, etc) to SUBMIT@LaDonnaComer. READ MORE TO BE FEATURED

Radio Submission (Radio play and promotion)
Please Send: Song as attachment (MP3 format), Artist Name(s), contact number, PROMO CODE: LADONNACOMER READ MORE TO SEND RADIO SUBMISSIONS

*Music submission does not guarantee being featured in our programs. As your music will undergo listening, voting and approval. An email notification will be sent to you if your song is selected. You can submit a song for each beat/instrumental you purchase on the terms of standard/premium lease(s) and or exclusive rights. Please note PRODUCTION CREDIT must be given in all forms of BEFORE distribution. Failure to give proper production credit is a violation of your lease and or exclusive rights term/contract.

Example of proper credit ( CREDIT AGREEMENT, section 7)

“Produced by (Producer (s) Full name)”
“Beat by (Producer’s Full Name)”
“Original Music by (Producer’s Full Name)”


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