Mixing & Mastering


Several of our partner professional producers and in-house studio engineers offer mixing and mastering services and specialize in different styles. Feel free to listen to the demo mixes below and fill out the contact form if you’re interested in hiring a particular producer or would like information on more pricing options please email SALES@LaDonnaComer.com. In general, for a standard master we will require a copy of your recorded song in MP3 or (preferably) wav format. For a stem master or a full mix and mastering service we will require the separate track lines of your recording in wav format.

Mastering Options:
Master will bring your song to its highest digital volume without distortion. The process adds high quality EQ and Compression that gives your song the best possible sound on any sound system. Weather its a car stereo or a large stadium your song will sound loud and clear. Your song will hit its highest digital volume with out distortion.

Album tune up: $165/album
The “Album Tune-Up” option is for artist on a budget. It is similar to the mastering process but without the EQ and Compression. All the songs of your album or mixtpae will be level matched and blended together. Song information, CD-Text, and other encoding are included.

Lite Mix:
2-Track Instrumental & Vocals (Mastering Included) $149 / song
Select this option when the song you need mixed was recorded to a 2-Track instrumental. The vocals will be mixed but only limited adjustments can be made to the the beat durring the mastering process. request package deal

Full Mix Down:
Multi-Track (all instruments) & Vocals (Mastering Included) $299 / song
Select this option when the beat to your song was tracked out and you want every element of your song to be mixed. This is a full mix down. Your song will be mixed, mastered, and ready to hit the radio.


Other Production Services

*GOOGLE CHECKOUT contact me via SALES@LaDonnaComer.com for a invoice for Google Checkout payments; Please include: beat names. ENTER DISCOUNT CODES DURING CHECKOUT.


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