Studio Rental

Affordable pricing gives you more options to book studio time. We divided our day into 3 section on most days. Off Peak 1, Off Peak 2 and Peak time.

How it works:
Off Peak 1: 9am-3pm, Mon-Thurs = $40/hr & 10am-4pm, Friday-Saturday = $45/hr
Off Peak 2: 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thursday = $50/hr
Peak: 6pm-2am, Monday-Thursday = $55/hr & 4pm-2am, Friday-Saturday = $55/hr

1 hour Recording – $60
‚ÄčLockout rate (9 hours) – $ per day
Demo Deal (6 hours) – $
1 Exclusive Song Production & Recording – $
Track Licensing (for Demo Use) & Recording – $
Instrument rental fee – $
Piano Tuning – $
Guitar Tuning – $
Voice-Overs, ADR, Sound Design, Commercials – $/hr

Other Services

Track Licensing (for Demo Use) – $20-$200
Custom Production – $300+
Beat/instrumental Exclusive Rights – $ Contact for pricing
Song Writing – $
Single Song Mixing – $
Single Song Mastering – $
Music Consultation – $
Vocal Production – $

-Note please contact us for our bulk discounts on orders.

-Minimum hours booked for Off Peak will be 3 hours
-Minimum hours booked for Peak time will be 2 hours
-If you need a session that spans between 2 or 3 peaks, each hour will be priced according to the tier its in. For example if you book a session on a Tuesday from 1pm -6pm, the 1st hour in the session will be priced at $40/hour.
-These rates are only an estimate and are subject to change
-Prices include Engineer
-Instrument rental fee is one time only per project and allows use of all instruments in the studio.


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